Our very first experience with industrial sewing machines was in 1982. At that time, most machines were fully mechanical. Since then, several generations of equipment have passed through the sewing industry. The modern industrial sewing machine is a highly technology piece of equipment which contains components that relate to mechanics, automatics, electronics, and pneumatics, in addition to a computer to run it all smoothly.
     Our goal is to possess the best possible knowledge each and every day so that we can ensure the most productive working conditions and productivity levels for your equipment.
    We offer a full service, from selecting the right equipment to assuring its installation, along with supplying an operation manual and warranty, as well as repairing any faults in the after sales period.
   Our main field of activity are factories manufacturing of upholstery, mattresses, technical textiles & leather goods

     We want you to get the best out of your equipment.  

Best wishes,
Lembit Vannik

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